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Strategy for playing baccarat: bet on a banker

Baccarat is an extremely successful and popular card game and over the many years, three different variations of the game have emerged. It is not uncommon for a card game to develop different variations over the years in different places and sometimes it adds to the beauty of the game itself. The most popular version of the game is the punto banco which is also called the American baccarat and is widely used in most American casinos in Las Vegas. The other two variations include the Baccarat Banque and the Baccarat Chemin de Fer.

There are many strategies that have been developed by different players over the years. But what has to be kept in mind is the fact that every game is different from the other and that what worked in one will not work in another. Every situation is completely unique and therein lays the thrill of card games. The reason why baccarat kept its popularity over the years is because it has been able to offer something new to the players every time the cards have been taken out from the deck.


Baccarat Strategy, Myth Or Possibility?

As with any form of casino games, including poker, blackjack and roulette, the player is always looking for a strategy to increase their chances of winning. Many experienced Baccarat players feel that any mention of a strategy is purely based on myth and rightly so. We will look over some of the more common proclaimed strategies in an attempt to come to a concrete conclusion on the Baccarat strategy myth.

The Scorecard
Almost every casino will hand out a scorecard to every player at the table. Players can be spotted keeping track of the outcome of each hand in an attempt to spot patterns in order to take advantage of a streak. The casinos encourage this behavior simply because they know it has no bearing on the outcome of the game. Following a supposed pattern in Baccarat is as fruitless as it is with Roulette. Each hand plays independent of the last but this does not stop betters from believing they have found a betting edge by following trends. It is in your best interest to abstain from this habit as it has no outcome on the cards being dealt and will not provide you with any sort of edge.


Strategy to Play Baccarat: Identify the Streak

People have been trying for many decades to devise a good strategy for Baccarat with varying degrees of success. The main thing about this game lies in its streaks or patterns. These patterns, streaks and trends keep changing and hence most casinos offer their players blank charts so that they can keep note of the trends going on in the game. The main motive and aim of a player playing this game is simple – identify the streak going on, ride it successfully and then get off at the right time only to get on again at the correct moment. Hence one will find the best baccarat strategists concentrating hard on trying to ride the streak while using a variety of money management theories so that they can parlay their wins. The shoes obviously start to develop distinct characteristics and hence it is important to ride a streak and then get off before you start losing massively. That is the main aim of baccarat.