Strategy to Play Baccarat: Identify the Streak

People have been trying for many decades to devise a good strategy for Baccarat with varying degrees of success. The main thing about this game lies in its streaks or patterns. These patterns, streaks and trends keep changing and hence most casinos offer their players blank charts so that they can keep note of the trends going on in the game. The main motive and aim of a player playing this game is simple – identify the streak going on, ride it successfully and then get off at the right time only to get on again at the correct moment. Hence one will find the best baccarat strategists concentrating hard on trying to ride the streak while using a variety of money management theories so that they can parlay their wins. The shoes obviously start to develop distinct characteristics and hence it is important to ride a streak and then get off before you start losing massively. That is the main aim of baccarat.

Very often the shoes are described as choppy as in Banker, Player, Banker, Tie, Player, Banker, Banker, Player and so on and so forth. It is important for a player to identify a pattern and then bet because blind betting will get you nowhere. And if you cannot recognize any pattern then a player always has the option to stay away from placing any bets. Any experienced player will always buy in and then sit patiently and observe the game for a long time till he can spot a pattern and only then he will place a bet on a spot. This is the smartest way of playing baccarat but requires a great deal of control and discipline. What one has to keep in mind is the fact that shoes tend to develop outstanding trends and characteristics as the hands progress and hence one has to identify these trends and play according to them in order to win against the casino.

It is important for a baccarat player to remember that each and every deal or an event is completely independent of the following event or the preceding event. But at the same time there are trend that are going on which will help you to win. There are streaks that occur. So the game is somewhat like flipping a coin a hundred times and then following the pattern. Except that in the actual game there are numerous other possibilities. But having said that there are streaks that occur and hence you can lose only once while betting into a streak. But at the same time you can lose several times I you are betting against the streak and hence one has to know when to go all out and when to quietly keep out of the game, therein lays the challenge of the game. You have to essentially be able to master your greedy and optimistic urges that lead you on to play hand after hand despite losing and knowing that the streak has come to an end. The only way to master this game is by experience and of course, by being lucky 🙂

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